About us

Our company

Vogans Fashion is an English established brand offering a collection of the highest quality and fashionable ladies handbags, backpacks, wallets and scarfs. Fusing modern design with traditional leather craftsmanship, Vogans tries to bring Italian quality fashion close to British wholesale market.

Italian products have often been associated to elegance, quality, high differentiation and strong links to tradition. In order to adapt to British customers, our products are designed in the UK and manufactured in Italy.

Our philosophy is to offer the right balance between quality and price. Vogans offers two ranges of products : Italian leather collection (made in Italy) and fashion handbags and scarfs(manufactured in China). We also offer a product line for men including briefcases, satchels and messenger bags designed to follow and assist British customers on the most important moments of working life.

We supply products to fashion boutiques, online stores and retailers throughout the U.K.. If you would like to work with us, please send us your intention to [email protected].